Osteoporosis is a bone disease in which bones lose calcium, become more brittle and break easily. Women , especially after menapause are more prone to osteoporosis. Because of osteoporosis one in five women break their hips before the age 75. Inactivity, smoking, some diseases (rheumatic diseases, thyroid and other hormonal diseases), some chronic medications (antacids, thyroid meds, cortisone etc) and of course genetic predisposition are major risks for osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is usually diagnosed with a test called bone densitometry, it is a test that measures the strengh of bone in particular areas and give a value that is comparable with people  matching your age/sex/size. So there is no absolute value actually. There is no definite symptom of osteoporosis , contrary to widespread belief…it does not cause pain itself .. but may cause small fractures of bone and thus gives us pain especially in the back. Of course in case of a fall  , those who have osteoporosis are likely to break a bone. Even sometimes there are spontaneous bone fractures, especially in the ribs after a sneeze or cough etc.

Osteoporosis is treated with multiple regimens.

First calcium and vitamin D intake should be optimized, secondly a medication for bone to hold this Calcium and vitamin D is necessary, and exersize, quitting smoking and losing weight are essential.

Sufficient breast-feeding and intake of dairy products are essential for humans. There is nothing that can replace this.  After a certain age no matter what we do it never can compensate fully. Still it is always good to eat well and get the daily needs for bones.

Normally our daily calcium intake is 800 mg-1 gr (about 2-3 servings of dairy products),  pregnancy, menopouse, after age 65, puberty necessitates about 1.5 gr. Below is a list of calcium contents of some foods.

Food Amount Amount of Calcium Calories
Milk  cup 300 150
Low fat milk     100
yogurt   275 140
İce cream   175 270
cheese- feta      cottage      Mozarella      Chedar      Parmesan